Shoqan дамыту мектебі!

Great news! We are starting a Saturday school for children aged 5-6!

1. Dates: November 12, 2022 through March 4, 2023 (16 Saturdays)
2. Group size: 8 to 12 students
3. Language of instruction: Kazakh and Russian
4. Lesson duration: 30 minutes (according to the age characteristics of a 5-6-years-old children)
5. Time: 10:00 - 12:30
6. Each lesson is complemented by a fun break contributing to the children's development.

The aim of the school is to develop and improve logical thinking, memory and speech skills.

• Logic
• Understanding the world
• Smart games

The cost of the Saturday school is 250,000 tenge.

Register your child via the link below before it's too late!

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