“Jaña ūrpaqqa – jañaşyl mūğalım”





The Republican Association of Private Educational Institutions, ALE and
qan Walikhanov Private School, LLP

invite the teachers of the Kazakh language and literature
to the seminar
“Jaña ūrpaqqa – jañaşyl mūğalım”


The main goal of education is the introduction of a new model of education.


In order to improve the efficiency of teaching, the teachers of the Kazakh language and literature department at Shoqan School invite you to the city seminar “A teacher is an innovator in the school of the future”.


The purpose of the seminar is to improve the scientific, methodological and creative search for teachers in teaching the subjects of the Kazakh language and literature in accordance with modern requirements, to improve the professional skills of teachers of the subjects of the Kazakh language and Kazakh literature and to exchange and spread their best practices.


The teachers of Shoqan School will conduct workshops using modern technologies in the educational process. The seminar participants will form groups and observe demo lessons of the School teachers. At the end of the seminar, there will be held a round table, and the teachers will be awarded with certificates.



9:00 – 9:15 – Sign up

9:15 – 9:30 – Welcoming address


1 part theory





9:30 – 10:10

10:20 – 11:00

Workshop: “Esse jaza bılemız be?”

A.S. Jabatai

Workshop: “Mnemotehnika”

B. E. Aluaqas

11:10 – 11:50

12:00 – 12:40

Workshop: «BJB-nyñ ornyna jobalyq jūmys ötkızudıñ tiımdılıgı»


Workshop: “Qazaq tılı sabaqtarynda sifrlyq tehnologiany paidalanu”



12:40 – 13:10 – Lunch


2 part – case study (demo lessons)

13:10 – 13:40


«Sandyq tehnologia» 10K


«Abai – lirik aqyn» 6M



«Dina küi şertedı» 3L





3 part – reflection and feedback

13:50 – 14:20 Music therapy

14:30 – 15:00 Reflection, presentation of certificates


Venue: 37/1 Samal 3 microdistrict, Shoqan Walikhanov Private School

Date: April 8

Time: 9:00 – 15:00

Delivery mode: face-to-face

Language of instruction: Kazakh

Cost: ₸15,000


For more information, please dial:
+7-708-820-9015 Zukhra Rysbekkyzy

How to pay for the seminar “Jaña ūrpaqqa – jañaşyl mūğalım”

(Send a copy of the receipt to +7-700-971-0971)

Dear participants, payment can be made through:


  1. I) The application of Bank CenterCredit BCC.kz

No commission is charged.

“Payments” => “Education” => “Schools” => “Shoqan Walikhanov Private School, LLP” => “Other services”

Next, you need to enter the “IIN of the participant” (full name comes out) => “Payment period” => “Amount” (₸15,000) => “Pay”


  1. II) The application of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan Homebank

No commission is charged.

“All payments” => “Schools” => “Shoqan Walikhanov Private School, LLP (Other services)”

Next, you need to enter “Participant's full name” => “Payer's full name” => Additional information (participation in the seminar) => “Period” => “Amount” (₸15,000) => “Pay”


III) The terminals of Bank CenterCredit JSC in the section “Payments” => “Education” => “Shoqan Walikhanov Private School, LLP” => “Other services”. You will be charged ₸70.


  1. IV) Wire transfer to the current account of Shoqan Walikhanov Private School, LLP in Bank CenterCredit JSC using the following bank details*. The commission is charged according to the current tariffs of the sender’s bank.

Requisites* of the Shoqan Walikhanov Private School, LLP:

BIN 180940031443

BC 17

IIC KZ588562203106993908


Purpose of payment: Payment for other services (seminar “Jaña ūrpaqqa – jañaşyl mūğalım”) for _________ (indicate the full name of the participant)

PPC 890


  1. V) The cash desk of the bank in any branch of Bank Center Credit JSC using the following bank details*. The Bank’s commission will be 0.3% of the amount of payment or at least ₸
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