Story of Success and Inspiration: Meeting with Ms. Ayagul Torekyzy Mirazova!

A great soul, an amazing mind and unbending determination — this is how one can describe Ms. Ayagul Torekyzy Mirazova, Hero of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Honored Teacher of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She is the first principal of 159 Gymnasium and a shining example in the world of education. Her journey of service to education has become an inspiration for many generations.

Today, Shoqan Walikhanov Private School was honored to have Ms. Ayagul Torekyzy Mirazova as a guest.

She shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with our teachers. Her words have become a source of inspiration and motivation for our educational community. She shared her journey, the challenges she faced and how courage, patience and dedication can change the world around us.

The meeting with Ms. Ayagul Torekyzy Mirazova not only shed light on her outstanding contribution to the development of education in our country, but also gave us lessons of wisdom and strength.

We thank Ms. Ayagul Torekyzy Mirazova for her invaluable contribution to education and for the inspiration that she brings to us through her example. Her visit will remain forever in our hearts and will be a beacon for our future achievements. Our teachers leave this meeting enriched with knowledge, motivated and ready to overcome any difficulties in education.

Thank you, Ms. Ayagul Torekyzy Mirazova, for your greatness, wisdom and inspiration!

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