Innovation and Talent: Students of Shoqan School Pave the Way to the Future

In a world where technology plays a key role in shaping the future, the students of Shoqan Walikhanov Private School loudly declared themselves!

In September 2023, two of their startup projects were selected from more than 1,000 applications to the Astana Hub. The success story began with the qualifying rounds and ended with an impressive presentation at the Digital Bridge 2023 forum.

Let's go down the memory lane.

Sometimes ideas that seem brilliant on paper face challenges and difficulties in reality. This story happened to computer science teacher Mr. Madi Medet and his team, which included students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktau (Rassul Abuov, Aisultan Baktygali, Nurgeldy Yessengeldy, Mukhalyov Danil and Kamila Kuatova), who tried to introduce an innovative approach to the world of real estate.

On one of his regular trips to the gym in 2021, Madi met an entrepreneur who dreamt of building a residential complex on the shores of the Caspian Sea in the city of Aktau. However, the man expressed a desire to start selling apartments long before construction began. This posed a challenge: how to sell something that doesn't exist yet?

Here Madi proposed the idea of ​​creating a 3D model of the future complex, giving potential buyers the opportunity to consider the object at the design stage. The idea was received positively and work began.

But as the project progressed, unexpected difficulties arose: the cost of the work turned out to be much higher than expected, and the team had to invest their own funds to complete the project. This experience became a lesson in budget management.

Despite the financial challenges, the team did not lose heart. On the contrary, this problem became their best teacher. They understood how important it is to manage funds correctly and how to learn from their mistakes.

So, returning to 2023, the current team of Madi joined forces with students from Shoqan Walikhanov Private School (Eilana Shalayeva, Sakhi Abdizhaparov, Kamila Zhandildayeva, Iliyas Orazgaliyev, Arlan Marat and Amirkhan Assetov) and presented the first project at Digital Bridge 2023. The project was innovative way to buy real estate. Using VR glasses, they created a unique opportunity for buyers to view 3D models of residential complexes. This technology allows potential buyers to touch objects, change the layout, and even walk through the yard of their future home. This is not just a tool for selling real estate, it is rethinking of the process of choosing a home.

The second project presented by this amazing team solves an important problem in the world of business — workplace safety. With their program running through a tablet, they can determine the employee’s condition, check body temperature, and the presence of alcohol or drug intoxication. This innovative program keeps employees safe and cared for while increasing productivity and efficiency.

But these projects are not only technical achievements; this is the result of great work, joint efforts and faith in your ideas. The students not only demonstrated their skills and knowledge, but also showed the confidence and determination that will push the world to new horizons of development.

Given their success and passion for innovation, it is not surprising that these students and their teacher, Mr. Madi Medet, were invited to the forum. To say that the presentation was a success would be an understatement, because the guys immediately received their first orders from different companies and already got to work.

They have become an inspiration for young entrepreneurs and have raised the bar of expectations of startup projects. Their success story is evidence that youth are not only the future, but also the present, capable of changing the world for the better.


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