Shoqan Walikhanov Private School
The architecture of Sh. Walikhanov school embodies two concepts: flexibility and comfort. The school building is constructed according to the modern standards of quality with maximum safety in mind.
Campus in figures:
seats in the school canteen
600 м2
area of the school gym
м2 area of the school gym
reading platforms in the innovative library
workplaces in the special multimedia library
seats in the assembly hall
creative recreation areas for students
School of the future

The equipment of the school laboratories allows to carry out all types of experiments.

The potteries have professional potter’s wheels and boxes.

Fully equipped robotics classroom that enables the students to fulfil their potential in robotics, electronics, and mechanics.

The school offers a training kitchen unit for the students that creates the perfect space for culinary pleasure.

An accessible environment for people with limited mobility is provided.

Each student has a personal locker to store the belongings.

Internal infrastructure
Sh. Walikhanov school is a safe territory with a fire safety and alarm access control system. They are integrated, so actions in one system lead to the launch of the other ones. In case of emergency, the alarm system is promptly activated. The school is constantly monitored by a security agency: there are over 100 cameras inside and outside the building; the security system operates round the clock.
Our school pays great attention to the quality of children’s food. The school has its own catering unit that complies with all sanitary and epidemiological standards. Our cooks prepare food only from organic products containing nutrients and vitamins necessary for children. We provide balanced meals with daily procurement of products and quality control.
Medical services
One of our priorities is to take care of the physical and mental health of the children. We have a fully-featured medical room, where everybody can get the help of a doctor or nurse. The room is equipped according to the sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Vaccination and measure for prevention of cold-related and infectious diseases are in place. The students can consult a psychologist or, if necessary, ask for the services of a speech therapist.
Modern classrooms
The school classrooms have state-of-the-art equipment to enable maximum efficiency in the students. The desks are made of high-quality materials and have height control for maximum comfort, which has a good influence on the productivity and academic performance of the students. The modern interior provides for training, leisure and creative areas and facilitates a favourable environment during the educational process.
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