Shoqan School Students visit JSC Bank CenterCredit!

Yesterday, the students of Shoqan Walikhanov school visited JSC Bank CenterCredit @centercreditkz.

Our kids learned about the history of money, banks, cards, listened to stories about successful people. The students were told about how to set goals and achieve them. There were many examples and life hacks.

At the checkout counter the guys studied the security system. Then there was a meeting with the manager for VIP clients. After that, the students saw real gold bars, walked around the personal center and watched the embosser machine print cards.

After training, the students received certificates of completion of training in financial literacy signed by the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC Bank CenterCredit Mr. Galim A. Khusainov.

We express our deep gratitude to JSC Bank CenterCredit for such a useful day for our students.

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